Postpartum Doula
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What Is a Postpartum Doula?

As your postpartum doula I will be your families invaluable companion and resource, tending to physical and emotional needs in the first few weeks and months after birth.

In addition to helping the family develop confidence with everything from feeding and soothing to bathing and changing a newborn, as your postpartum doula I will be a supportive and affirming presence. Whether you are expecting to give birth, planning to adopt, or have a newborn there with you now, I can offer help and non-judgmental support as you need it.


Let's talk and discover your support needs for the first week(s) home, overnights or extended care, we can work out a plan for your family.


Postpartum Support 

300 hours Postpartum Support

100 hours Postpartum Support

40 hours Postpartum Support


What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

Together, we will strategize to develop a plan to support you and your family in the weeks and months after baby arrives. The scope of  my postpartum doula role can include a range of items, including:

  • Newborn care: Assistance with bathing, infant soothing, diapering.

  • Breastfeeding support: Encouragement, assistance with positioningpumping, and importantly, assessing when a referral to a lactation consultant is appropriate.

  • Maternal care: Fostering emotional wellbeing and physical recovery.

  • Overnights: Help with feeding, changing, and soothing to give parents time to sleep and recover.

  • Light housekeeping: Meal preparation, folding baby’s laundry, running errands.

  • Education: Providing resources and information about reading feeding cues, soothing techniques, and newborn care. A postpartum doula can often serve as a resource on topics like babywearing, too.

  • Sibling care: Childcare for older children and strategies for peacefully introducing a new sibling.

  • Referrals: Providing referrals to local pediatricians, new parent and breastfeeding groups, classes, and therapists as needed.

Above all, as your postpartum doula I will work with you and your family to create a nurturing environment. I will also help develop systems that ensure you are able to bond with your baby and tend to your own needs for rest, hydration, and nutrition.